MH Sounds: March 2017


1 – Drake More Life? Only if it involves more Drake. 

2 – Will whoever played this enough for it to show up (okay, pretty funny that it landed at NUMBER 2), will you please consider this a win and stop?

3 – Jorge Ben Seems like someone likes Brazilian music mas que nada.

4 – The Weeknd He’s the mother f*ckin starboy and we don’t even mind the typo is his name.  

5 – Run The Jewels Killer Mike/El-P 2020!

Gig Car Share Set To Launch May 1

Gig Car Share


Huge congratulations are in order for our partners and clients, Gig Car Share!

GIG is a new Bay Area car-share service that lets you drive the car one-way and then leave it in any parking spot you want (within Oakland and Berkeley.)

According to Fast Co, the service aims to fill a gap in local transit options, beginning in Oakland and Berkeley. Unlike other car-sharing services in the area, it’s designed to be one-way; you don’t have to return it in the same place you pick it up. Instead, through an agreement with local government, the cars can be parked in almost any parking space in both cities.

When you want a car, an app helps locate one nearby. You unlock the car with your phone or an RFID membership card, and then leave it wherever you’re going inside a designated “home zone”; when you want to head home, you pick up another car.

Read more about GIG on Fast Co, Oakland Tribune, or SF Chronicle.

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Alexa, Make Me A Premium Ad

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by David Gonzales

There was a shot across the bow of “Brand” itself last week from NYU Stern Professor and founder of L2 Inc, Scott Galloway. 

On stage at a bespoke L2 Amazon Clinic, Galloway described what’s next for Amazon as it continues to disrupt traditional retail models and consumer behavior.  
The premise is quite simple. “[Amazon's] attitude is that brand have for a long time earned this unearned price-premium that screws consumers,” says Galloway (10:17).  Brand investments in things like packaging and advertising are obsolete.  We don’t need a “Longest Lasting” Energizer AAA Battery, and we certainly don’t want to buy said battery off an expensive, well-designed end-cap featuring iconic pink rodents. We just want AAA batteries in our house and the phrase “Alexa, order me batteries” removes all of the friction associated with that want including the paralysis of choice.  Instead, what used to be investment in brand is now just margin passed down to the consumer in the form of cheaper batteries.  

Lots of juicy implications immediately for our CPG friends. Then again, nothing that new when it comes to the technological erosion of “premiums.”

Twitch Announces New Revenue Opportunities For Advertisers

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Twitch, the massively popular gaming destination with well over 100 million MAUs, announced a new way for its creator community to generate revenue in the launch of an Affiliate program.

The new program will allow non-partnered video creators to gain access to a variety of tools that will allow them to make money from their channels, even if they’re not large enough to gain “Partner” status.

One tool now available to creators is Cheering with Bits.

Cheering, initially only available to partner channels, is a form of virtual tipping. The platform has viewers purchase “Bits” using real money. Viewers can use the Bits as a way to support their favorite streamer. 

Full announcement from Twitch here.

Check out this cool program from Audi & MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER leveraging the power of Twitch: 24 HOURS OF LE FORZA

O’Reilly Out At Fox News

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Two weeks ago we talked about how Bill O’Reilly had suddenly announced he was going on vacation and speculated he might not return. Last week we learned he’s officially out.

O’Reilly held the top-rated show in cable news for almost 20 years. That run came to an embarrassing end on Wednesday as Fox News forced him out after the disclosure of a series of sexual harassment allegations against him and an internal investigation that turned up even more.

As one NYTimes commenter puts it, “This is an odd one. Who would have thought at the same time Donald Trump was elected president, both Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly would be shown the door at Fox News.”

But anyone who thinks this is Fox News coming to its moral senses should probably think again. This is likely a purely revenue based decision. Most brands had pulled ad support out of O’Reilly’s show in recent weeks.

Folks from inside Fox News say there has been a culture of harassment, one that Ailes built over the decades. It’s the same culture that caused rising star Megyn Kelly to jump to NBC. And most of the Ailes leadership group at Fox News are still in place.

This development will no doubt cause a major shift in cable news ratings. Tucker Carlson will take over O’Reilly’s 8 pm slot starting tonight. If this awkward final sign off of ‘The Factor’ is any indication, it will be interesting to see how Fox News’ ratings trend in 8 pm slot.

O’Reilly’s contract says he’s entitled to one year’s salary, about $25 million, upon his exit. 

The story that led to O’Reilly’s demise was a report published by the NYTimes.

This Week In Social: The Patience Of A Giraffe

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In February, a live feed of an expectant mother giraffe, April, was launched by Animal Adventure Park in New York with sponsor Toys R Us. 

On April 15, all the waiting finally paid off and Twitter cheered her on as she gave birth in front of a captive online audience. The footage of the birth has already had over 14 million views. 

Animal Adventure Park is holding a naming contest for the baby giraffe. Really hoping the internet doesn’t name it Giraffey McGiraffeface. 

Happy early Mother’s Day, April! 


SNL Goes Live Coast To Coast For First Time Ever

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“Saturday Night Live” went live coast-to-coast in for the first time ever, and the ratings came in strong.

The show had SNL alum Jimmy Fallon as host with musical guest Harry Styles. The ratings were the highest they have been since February 11th, when Alec Baldwin hosted.

The live show brought 7.9 million viewers and a 2.3 18-49 rating as reported by Nielsen. Those numbers are up significantly over last week’s show hosted by comedian Louis C.K., which brought in 6.5 million viewers and a 1.7 rating.

There were guest appearances by Alec Baldwin as President Trump and Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer dressed up as the Easter Bunny.

Snap Launches World Lens



Snapchat announced a new lens feature, extending the lenses beyond faces.

The new ‘World Lenses’ bring AR elements to any scene you can capture with your camera, placing 3D objects you can interact with. The new feature is available on your front & back camera. Previous lenses, which launched about 18 months ago, only worked on the front camera.

The new lenses will be updated daily, Snap said. The app’s existing lenses — like flower crowns and animal ears — are swapped out regularly, with new filters added to the list and old options disappearing or reappearing over time.

It’s a fun update to Snapchat. The real question: how long before Instagram clones this feature?

“The Power of Pullman” – Method Builds Community on Chicago’s South Side

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For Onnia Harris and her family, the Pullman neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago is home, and home is a special place.

But when local jobs were few and far between, Harris had to travel more than two hours to get to work. That all changed when the method factory came to town.

Today, empowered by the skills she’s gained at her new job at method, Harris trains her coworkers with patience and encouragement. By working in her hometown, Harris is able to positively impact the community where she and her family live. Now, she says, all that’s missing is a superhero cape to match her unstoppable state of mind. 

We’re proud of the work our clients at method are doing in Chicago and proud to help bring the story to life in partnership with Great Big Story. Watch the video here.