Uber is Suing Agency Fetch For Ad Fraud

Uber is suing Dentsu-owned agency, Fetch, alleging the agency misrepresented the effectiveness of its mobile ads, failed to prevent ad fraud and didn’t return rebates owed to Uber. They filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco last week.

Fetch’s founder and CEO, James Connelly, said in an emailed statement that the agency was “shocked by Uber’s allegations, which are unsubstantiated, completely without merit, and purposefully inflammatory so as to draw attention away from Uber’s unprofessional behavior and failure to pay suppliers.”

Uber gets sued a lot but the company does not frequently go on the offensive. This is only the second time Uber has been the plaintiff in federal court according to Bloomberg.

From 2015 – 2017, Uber ran $82.5 million in spend through Fetch, according to the complaint. Uber plans to seek at least $40 million in damages from the case.

According to Fetch, Uber owes the agency more than $7 million.

Will be interesting to see how this case plays out. Ad fraud is incredibly complicated and difficult to police. Here’s a quick overview of the anatomy of ad fraud from Digiday’s latest issue.

WSJ has the full rundown of the case here.

Audi Creates 130 MPH Reddit AMA with Elizabeth Banks & Adam Scott

Audi will collaborate with Reddit for first live-streamed video AMA (Ask Me Anything) series, “Think Faster.”

“Think Faster” will feature live AMA interviews with actors Adam Scott and Elizabeth Banks, with host Selema “Sal” Masekela.

The collaboration is part of Audi’s new Audi Sport performance models and marks the first time a Reddit AMA series will be hosted from a brand user profile.

Adam and Elizabeth will answer questions on the spot – collected from their Reddit AMA posts – via YouTube live stream, which will broadcast live from Audi’s Reddit profile page.

“Think Faster” kicks off tomorrow at 11 am PDT with Adam Scott and then 2 pm PDT with Elizabeth Banks.

MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER created “Think Faster” in partnership with Reddit. Production partners include PrettyBird & Directors Four Clops; Eli Stonberg and Jeff Greco.

Check out Creativity’s coverage here.


Update September 28, 2017:

See the final videos and read press coverage from Adweek, USA Today’s For The Win and The Drive.

M/H Ad Week New York 2017


If you’re in New York City for Advertising Week, John Matejczyk will be speaking at the Popcorn & A Movie: Snackable Entertainment session on Wednesday, September 27 at 9:45 am. With attention spans thinning with each day, hear from advertising and entertainment leaders on the power of short-form, captivating digital & video content.

More info on Popcorn & A Movie here.


John will also join Kash SreeExecutive Creative Director of Gyro, and Joe Sciarrotta, Chief Creative Officer, Managing Director of Ogilvy & Mather for a presentation of Creative Shorts. 

Read more on the Creative Shorts session here.

Social Media or News Media?


by Melissa Santiago

Days after the 2016 election, Facebook was blamed for the spreading of “Fake News” and its effects on the election outcomes.

Mark Zuckerburg shrugged off the idea of the world’s largest social media platform playing a key role in election results two days after the election but Facebook has begun to implement changes to stop the spread of false information amid news that “Fake Russian Facebook Accounts Bought $100,000 in Political Ads.”

With news of Russian ad buys, Pew Research released a study showing as much as 67% of US adults get at least some news from social media.

The implications of all this?  Social media platforms can no longer dodge blame and claim they aren’t new or media sites. Regardless of whether these companies see themselves as news outlets, if 2/3 of all US adults consider them a news source, it’s time for them to put measures in place to reduce the spread of false information.

Media Partner of the Week: Drawbridge


by Michaela Fletcher

Drawbridge is a programmatic partner that focuses on identity solutions – offering granular and holistic views of target audiences.

Drawbridge provides anonymized 360-degree views of people across personal devices, shared devices, and offline activities and the ability to reach individual people with personalized experiences across devices, channels, platforms, and locations.

Drawbridge has partnered with Ibotta, a mobile shopping app that pays consumers cash back on their everyday purchases. The partnership leverages Ibotta’s SKU-level transaction data for purchase-based attribution in near-real-time, enabling Drawbridge to provide item-level attribution in various physical locations.

Learn more about Drawbridge here.

Land O’Lakes Churns Up Butter Industry with New Analytics Platform


by Coltin Chapman

Fortune 200 company Land O’ Lakes recently solved an ongoing data management problem by integrating the analytics tool Datorama.

Being both vertically and horizontally integrated, Land O’Lakes was receiving 150+ reports from countless partners on a weekly basis. Varying KPI’s made it incredibly difficult and time-consuming for their data analysis team, coined Land O’Data, to make optimizations.

To solve their ongoing data issue Land O’Lakes reached out to analytics platform provider Datorama to implement their successful data management tool into their company. Datorama gave Land O’Lakes the ability to collect and manage their data all in one place, cutting out the hassle of countless reports and varying KPI’s.

Datorama is a data agitator tool, allowing business to practice Gartner’s idea of data analysis by collecting, unifying, organizing, and taking action all in one place. It allows analysts the opportunity to automate data organization and focus on what really matters, optimizations, and KPI tracking.

At M/H, we currently practice Gartner’s idea of data analysis. By integrating a data analysis tool similar to Datorama, we are able to accelerate our analytics process. An analytics platform allows us to automate data retrieval, track campaign statistics in real-time, and deliver dashboard visualization to teams and clients. This gives us time to focus on optimizing campaigns and meeting client KPIs.

M/H Sounds: August 2017


1 – KanyeWe all self-conscious. I’m just the first to admit it.” – Kanye

2 – Drake “I know they say the first love is the sweetest, but that first cut is the deepest.”- Drake, but also Sheryl Crow

3 – Kendrick Lamar “It’s a great, great experience to finally get the reception that you know you rightfully deserve.” – Kendrick

4 – Chance the Rapper Kanye’s favorite rapper is our 4th favorite rapper.

5 – The Rolling Stones Hey you. Get off my cloud.

Reports: Retail 2017 Trends and Report Pack

A new pack of reports covering the latest trends and analysis for retail eCommerce is out from eMarketer.

6 key topics are covered, each with their own report:

  1. Voice assistants & chatbots: Consumer adoption and advances are opening up new sales channels. Get the Conversational Commerce Report here.
  2. Increased need for visuals: How image recognition and augmentation are changing retail. Get the Visual Commerce Report here.
  3. Personalization: How retailers are tackling the personalization hurdles of eCommerce. Get the Personalization in Retail Report here.
  4. Worldwide Retail & eCommerce Sales: eMarkerter’s estimates through 2021. Get the Worldwide Retail and eCommerce Sales Report here.
  5. US Marketer & Consumer Trends: A visual overview of omnichannel retailing trends. Get the US Omnichannel Retail Report here.
  6. eCommerce Digital Ad Spending: A visual overview of updated eMarketer forecasts and data from third-party sources. Get the Digital Ad Spending Report here.

Adweek Announces the 23 Best Media Plans of 2017


Adweek announced the 2017 Media Plan of the Year winners this AM.

The victorious few succeeded at the increasingly difficult assignment of breaking through the clutter and getting recognized by consumers. They were able to take  “media planning innovation to new heights in 2017, proving that creative thinking and bold strategies are still able to cut through the clutter.”

All the winners share the trait of strong partnership across capabilities by taking a unique concept or insight and distributing it in an innovative way.

The Best of Show, Best Use of Social and Best Use of Data went to Mars Chocolates for their “Hungerithm” campaign, which used social sentiment to influence the price of Snickers.

Thank you to Adweek for inviting me to be a judge for this year’s awards.

Facebook’s Relentless Dominance Continues

by Melissa Santiago

Facebook’s platform dominance continues and their march continues to be relentless on smaller, upstart apps.

New apps and ways to connect to people online continue to emerge, but these new platforms don’t last long. The next app in Facebook’s path: Houseparty, a popular group video chat app with over 20 million users.

Facebook is rumored to launch a new group chat feature, Bonfire, considering that and Facebook’s new mantra to “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together”, it seems like Houseparty might need to brace itself.

Houseparty’s CEO remains positive that they won’t go up in flames, but Snapchat’s decline in the face of a Facebook clone is enough to worry anyone.