GIF Comments: Now On Facebook

Facebook’s reluctance to allow GIF integration is slowly wearing down.

Last week, they integrated a GIF button in comments. According to TechCrunch, Facebook has had this technology for a while but was “hesitant to deploy it because of the visual impact it would have on the News Feed.

Before the GIF button integration, using one in a comment thread on Facebook required the user to find the GIF they wanted to use, then paste the URL into the comments thread.

It’s never been easier to respond to posts with the universal language of snappy comebacks, the 30-year-old technology: Graphic Interchange Format.

Report: Ad Fraud 2017 – Buyers and Sellers Fall Prey to More Sophisticated Forms

Ad Fraud: one of the hottest industry topics over the last few years.

eMarketer recently published a full report on the subject. The headline of the report is buyers and sellers now have to worry about more advanced forms of fraud siphoning away digital display ad dollars.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Knowing what’s what: It’s difficult to know just how much money US advertisers and publishers lose to ad fraud annually, but estimates based on select samples of impressions would suggest fraud is a multibillion-dollar problem worldwide.
  • Keeping up: As industry fraud detection and prevention tools have advanced, so too have the lengths to which fraudulent parties go to deceive buyers.
  • Impact varies: US advertisers see varying levels of fraud depending on where they buy their media. Advertisers typically see higher instances of ad fraud in higher-value areas, such as mobile and video, and in less transparent programmatic arenas, such as the open markets.

Key Stat: Issues of media quality, including ad fraud, remain top of mind for US digital marketers, according to a February 2017 survey by Adobe Digital Insights.

Get the full report here.

Google Takes on Propaganda, Terrorism-Related Content


Google announced it will be creating new policies to suppress terrorism-related videos, a response to U.K. lawmakers who have said the internet is a “petri dish for radical ideology.”

Google’s General Counsel Kent Walker announced the developments via an editorial piece in the Financial Times.

Walker said Google will “increase its use of technology to identify extremist and terrorism-related videos across its sites, which include YouTube, and will boost the number of people who screen for terrorism-related content. The company will also be more aggressive in putting warnings on and limiting the reach of content that, while not officially forbidden, is still inflammatory.”

Google and platforms such as Facebook are facing pressure to address their role in terrorism as groups such as ISIS use the platforms to recruit and spread propaganda. That pressure is getting more intense after a number of incidents in the U.K. recently. U.K. officials have focused on sites seen as enabling extremists to recruit followers, coordinate attacks and spread propaganda. Lawmakers have proposed new laws to regulate how social media platforms counter extremism online.

“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed,” U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said earlier this month. The proposed legislation would force social networks to make user data available to domestic security forces.

U.K. officials said Google’s announcements were “encouraging but not enough.”

Barstool Sports Brings on Michael Rapaport


Michael Rapaport, the actor turned popular s–t talking podcast host, is heading to Barstool Sports.

The move was announced in an Instagram post from Barstool Founder Dave Portnoy (“El Presidente”).

Rapaport, who has a popular podcast of his own, “I AM RAPAPORT” and an ongoing gig with Fox Sports 1, is a controversial character by design. For instance, he posted this video with former NBA star Rasheed Wallace “roasting” LeBron James right after the Warriors beat the Cavs.

Rapaport says he’s “gotten light slaps on the wrist” stemming from his behavior. But now, serving as a representative of Barstool as of Monday, he’s happy to be in a “home” where uncensored comments can fly free.

Rapaport’s role at Barstool is still unclear. But it’s reasonable to assume he’ll create his own platforms within the organization as well as contributing to existing ones like the #1 sports podcast “Pardon My Take” where he is already a frequent guest.

This is a big move for Barstool as they continue to grow their dominance of the millennial male audience.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is like Shaq coming to the Miami Heat, it’s like when Kanye came to Roc-A-Fella Records,” Rapaport said.

M/H’s Joel Kaplan Named to AdWeek’s Creative 100

Adweek’s Creative 100 came out and our very own Joel Kaplan has made the list.

This year’s list is broken into smaller subgroups with Joel being part of the top 18 Executive Creative Director and Group Creative Directors.

While at M/H, Joel has helped lead efforts for Netflix, Method, Audi among others.

On Netflix, Joel (with partner Tony Zimney) and team helped create ‘Netflix or Study‘, which used a guinea pig to tell college students whether they should watch Netflix or study for finals.

Joel has also been a driving force on method home (also with Tony), where he and team created the ‘Fear No Mess‘ campaign, which encouraged mess making with beautiful imagery.

Congrats Joel!

Drone Racing League Raises $20 Million


The Drone Racing League (DRL) announced a $20 million round of funding led by U.K. satellite provider Sky, Liberty Media, and Lux Capital.

DRL launched about 1.5 years ago as the only global professional drone racing organization, hosting five professional races in its inaugural season.

You never know what could be the next big thing in sports. Some thought League of Legends had no chance of taking off in a big way. Now the League of Legends Championships are selling out Staples Center and Madison Square Garden.

The DRL’s 2017 television broadcast season kicks off on June 20 on ESPN and will be broadcast in more than 75 countries with broadcast partners including Sky Sports, ProSiebenSat.1, Disney XD and OSN.

Check out the promo for the 2017 Drone Racing League season here.

Snapchat Officially Launches Self-Serve Ad Manager


Facing pressure to drive greater revenue after going public, Snapchat has officially launched its self-serve ad buying platform called Ad Manager.

Ad Manager will allow advertisers to buy, manage, optimize, and view analytics for their efforts. Advertisers can also now pay via US credit card instead of getting a credit line through a Snapchat account representative. There won’t be a minimum spend so advertisers can spend $10 or $10,000.

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, prices will be set via auction and will include all of Snapchat’s ad formats and targeting capabilities. Users can manage ad creative assets within the tool and have ads reviewed by Snap for quality before they appear.

Snapchat’s Ad Manager should help in the fight against Facebook who currently is dominating. Snapchat’s Q1 revenue was just under $150 million. Facebook’s Q1 revenue, by comparison, was over $8 billion.

The Lil B Curse


Lil B, a rapper from the Bay Area also known as the Based God, is the Shaman of basketball Twitter. Beginning in 2011, Lil B “cursed” Kevin Durant after the NBA star tweeted, “I tried to listen to Lil B and my mind wouldn’t let me do it….can’t believe this guy is relevant.”

In 2016, Lil B lifted the curse from Durant for “being humble.” The Warriors are facing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals for the third year in a row and are currently sitting with a 3-1 lead following rumors that they’d sweep the series. Tonight is Game 5 and if the Warriors can pull off a win, they’ll be NBA Champions for the second time in three years.

Nervous Warriors fans were looking to Lil B to speak up about the series, but he Retweeted their desperate pleas with no clear answer. Catch up on the Based God’s long list of casting and lifting curses on various NBA players, teams, and personalities here and catch Game 5 tonight at 6 pm PT on ABC.

Update: WARRIORS WIN THE FINALS and Lil B declares the curse is lifted from Kevin Durant.



Imposter Posting

RC Cola, while late to the game, appeared on Twitter in April 2017. They quickly gained 10,000 followers with snarky tweets and sassy replies. In spite of RC’s overnight success, the parent company, Dr. Pepper Snapple, was not happy. It turns out the account was a rogue account and not affiliated with the company. Within 24 hours of their most viral post, Twitter suspended the account.
A fan of the rogue Twitter account shared their displeasure, “RC Cola has gotten more exposure from a single tweet than in its 112 yrs.” Twitter isn’t 112 years old, but @desireeknight does make an excellent point.

Scott Galloway Predicts Voice Will Kill Brands


In a recent L2 ‘Winners & Losers” video, Scott Galloway predicts voice search is going to kill brands.

Amazon’s Alexa is now in 4% of U.S. households, Apple’s Siri provides 2 billion+ voice searches a week, and 20% of Google’s searches are now voice. And today at WWDC, Apple announced the Siri HomePod.

Galloway predicts brands will be the big losers in this development as voice eliminates the need for packaging and a physical brand presence.

Watch the video here to see his point. He demonstrates with a demo of Alexa handling a voice search for batteries.

Galloway also shows how big TV is in big trouble.

If you aren’t already, you should consider subscribing to Galloway’s L2inc YouTube channel.