The Wi-Fi-Jack


If you’ve ever been to an auto show you’d know that the Wi-Fi is weak and in short supply. Together with Audi, we used this to our advantage at the New York International Auto Show by poking fun at BMW and proving that the A4 is vastly superior to the 328i.

Employing a team of technicians, we created 10 of the most powerful free networks at the show. One name at a time, we laid out how the A4 beats the BMW. From performance and handling to technology, each network name was a cheeky reminder of how good the new A4 is.

While BMW wasn’t a fan of the idea, the internet was. The story was shared more than 7000 times on Mashable, was featured on Adweek, Adage and SlashGear, and was named Creativity’s ‘pick of the day’. Your move BMW.

Look here: We have new faces at M/H


Jeremy Diessner comes to M/H as associate creative director. He is a Minnesota native (our third in the office) who grew up skiing at a small hill called Buck Hill and eventually moved to Colorado and skied more.  It’s basically the plot from Aspen Extreme. Other likes include his children and sandwiches. Grievances include exact change, when people say “it is what it is”, and pouring coffee into the trash at coffee shops. “You can’t just pour hot coffee into garbage.  It’s gross.” Dually noted, Jeremy.

Cristina Haithcock comes to M/H as a project manager fresh off an 8-year stint at Swirl. She is a Bay Area native, but you should also know that she’s a first generation American and 100% Italian (that’s where her feisty side comes into play). On the weekends she loves heading up to Napa or watching the Raiders during football season.

Katie Edson is joining the account team as Account Supervisor on AAA. Before M/H, Katie was at Riney working on the Purina Beneful and Stanford Health Care accounts. Prior to SF, she was at Team One in sunny LA working on Lexus. She’s pretty proud of the fact that she can quote Mrs. Doubtfire and Home Alone beginning to end. When Katie’s not busy searching for the city’s best macaroni and cheese, she can be found watching live music, hiking or dancing. 

Crystal Chou joins us from a slew of large agencies, including Team Detroit, Universal McCann, OMD, and most recently, Optimedia. She brings extensive media strategy experience having worked on several high profile clients including Ford, Sony Pictures, Infiniti and Nintendo. Outside of work Crystal loves doing yoga, traveling, and, most importantly, cuddling with her dog Chloe who also resembles a real-life teddy bear.

Kelleen Peckham joins the team as a senior brand strategist. She previously worked at BBDO down the street, and before that at Arnold Worldwide in Boston (BAH-STON), and before that at RPA in LA. Kelleen is a Bay Area native whose dog’s name is Dodger (he comes in peace!). She loves making two things from scratch at home: CAKE and BEER (We’re hoping she also loves to share.)

Adam Arber was raised amongst the dark satanic mills of Hebden Bridge, England. After moving down to London, he worked at some of the best agencies, including BBH, St Lukes, CHI&Partners, and Leagas Delaney. During that time he also started two creative businesses that did rather well on the world wide web – Roadkill Toys (macabre plush animals) and Guandong Enterprises (mistake mugs for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Kate Middleton). Then Adam journeyed to the promised land. Stopping briefly at CHI Chicago, before coming to M/H as associate creative director. He thinks it’s the best move he’s ever made.

Welcome to the team, ya lookers!

MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER Launches ‘Tested on Humans’ for OXO


“Integrated agency MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER launched a new campaign for household goods brand OXO entitled “Tested on Humans.” The campaign, which marks OXO’s largest advertising initiative since 1996, launched today in the Boston and San Francisco markets and will feature OOH, audio, influencer, and paid social components supporting the digital ads.”

Check out the full article on AdWeek’s Agency Spy.

“Developed with ad agency MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER, the “Tested on Humans” campaign highlights the intentionality behind the product design. The ads feature imagery of real people and a tone evoking scientific research and data. Collectively, the campaign reinforces OXO’s “promise of quality, authenticity, and distinctiveness” and tries to creatively differentiate Oxo within the household goods industry.”

For more on the campaign from Media Post, SFEgotist, and LBB Online click here.

SoFi Debuts

Pasted image at 2016_03_29 04_57 PM

For the innovative online lender SoFi, we have been busy creating work across virtually all media: TV, OOH, radio, social, and digital.

Rather than using backward-looking scores like FICO, SoFi instead offers loans and increasingly more financial products to people who show promising futures. For these customers, they come alongside them through thick and thin, even offering career counseling.

In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, “Bankless World” announced their introduction as a major national brand. Offering a new paradigm that doesn’t fit with how the world sees financial institutions, the spot serves up the new positioning line, “Don’t bank. SoFi.”


Watch for more work throughout March Madness that focuses on some of their diverse, ambitious members.

Financial Startup SoFi Banks on Super Bowl Buy to Raise Awareness


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.04.10 PM

“In advance of the game, SoFi plans to run some out-of-home ads devoted to the idea of a bank-less world. It will also promote the effort through social media, print media and podcasts. The brand will produce seven spots carrying the “Great people” message and two “Bank-less” world commercials. (Below, one of the “Bank-less” world spots, which has already started airing.) SoFi worked with San Francisco-based Muhtayzik Hoffer on the campaign. This is the first large-scale marketing effort for the lender, which has received $1.4 billion in funding from investors.”

Read the whole article on AdAge.

Check out additional press coverage about SoFi and M/H at the Super Bowl on AdWeek and Creativity.

A Few Can-Can Doers Join M/H


Paul Domingo is Cuban, but also from Tennessee, making him the most un-Tennessean Tennessean ever, probably. He also don’t really drink a lot of coffee, which makes him the most un-Cuban Cuban ever, probably. He recently graduated from Creative Circus in Atlanta and joins M/H as an art director for SoFi.

Reilly Schlitt is a copywriter joining us after two years at the Creative Circus. Growing up in Seattle, he spent the days it didn’t rain skateboarding and the days it did playing video games and reading comics. He now does all of the above whenever he isn’t working.

Robby Inch grew up in the East Bay in a small town called Piedmont and went to college at Santa Clara University. He is willing to accept judgment from people who think he never ventured outside his comfort zone because he likes it here (we do too, Robby). He joins M/H as an assistant account manager. Other things he likes include: mountains, sports, traveling, a good sword fight scene, and that feeling when you nail your karaoke song. 

Erica Lovelace joins M/H as an account manager for Zoosk and New Amsterdam and was previously an account manager at TBWA. She hails from Jacksonville, Florida – DUVAL! Her hobbies include Netflix & chill, college football (Go Noles!), cooking and hiking. She also needs taste testers for any new baked goodies she brings to the office…

Welcome to these four (and their fancy footwork)!

Fully Integrated Campaign Launched by Munchery


Ad agency MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER has created a fully integrated campaign for Munchery, a ready-to-heat food delivery service. Titled ‘Dinner Is Home,’ the idea is about loving your home and the moments made possible by having the best ready-to-heat meals delivered to your door, not just the fact that it’s convenient.


In cities that have an abundance of dining options, going out to eat is usually the first option, which allows, ‘Dinner Is Home’ to remind people that eating at home should be easy and comfortable, and relaxed. No reservations, no fuss, no stress to get there on time.”

Read more at AdLand and MediaPost.


Three More Twirl into M/H


Arthi Veeraragavan has lived in Montreal (where she was born), and New Orleans, but primarily grew up outside of Boston. She moved to San Francisco almost 5 years ago to work at Goodby, Silverstein + Partners. She love lipstick, running, and making candles. Now at MTZHF, Arthi is excited to help dig into all things measurement for our clients.

Sarah Anderson is from a small town in southwestern Virginia, but not West Virginia. Like the population is maybe a thousand people and we still don’t have a stoplight. Before joining M/H as a copywriter for Audi, Sarah worked as a bartender in Atlanta for 10 years and a copywriter at GS&P for 3 1/2 years. She loves cowboy boots, heshers, 90s emo, doom metal and Jeff Goldblum.

Tala Najafi joins the M/H recruiting team from Eleven Inc. She was born and raised in the East Bay aside from a one-year stint in Austin, Texas. When she’s not working she likes playing outside,  going to shows, and taking her mini-lop, Jimmy, to the park. She also got a brown belt in karate in the sixth grade, so don’t mess with her.

Welcome to these three ladies!

A Trio of Ladies Join M/H

img_5161_1024Jessica Bedussi is joining MTZHF as community manager for Audi from Ignite Social Media in Raleigh, North Carolina. No stranger to social media or automotive, Jessica has worked with brands like Dodge, Samsung and numerous consumer-packaged goods. Jessica is a card-carrying crazy cat lady, with two cats of her own. She also has mild obsessions with Harry Potter, tacos and coffee.

Martine Glickfield is a 3rd generation San Franciscan (born and raised!) . She graduated from CU Boulder and interned at Fear Not Agency in Denver before joining M/H as a copywriter for Netflix. Beware humans, she reportedly loves her dog more than most people.

Katie McKinley joins the M/H team as a media strategist from Pereira & O’Dell, where she worked on brands including Skype and Outside of work, Katie likes to go to concerts with her friends, hang out with her super entertaining cat, Stella, and check out the latest and greatest movies.

Welcome to the team, ladies!