Internet of Things Report


Remember CES 2013 when the Internet of Things was all the rage and about to take over? Well, it’s still just getting going but the market might finally be experiencing some traction.

There’s a new report out by eMarketer covering the IoT space.

Highlights of the report:

  • Main IoT Devices: The most common IoT devices such as thermostats, light bulbs, speakers and entertainment devices. Developing products are toys, robotic assistants and things like smart aquariums (the future is now!).
  • Why IoT? A key value prop for IoT has not yet emerged. Convenience and security at the two main drivers to date.
  • Alexa… Voice-controlled speakers that incorporate AI, including the Amazon Echo and Google Home, have significant potential to accelerate adoption.

Key stat: About 12% of internet users worldwide have already used smart-home technology, while another 33% were very likely to make a future investment.

Download the full report here.