MTZHF Knows How to (Summer) Party

IMG_6364A few Fridays ago we celebrated summer by escaping San Francisco’s arch-nemesis, Karl the Fog, and heading up to Sonoma for a full day of sunshine, great company, and endless rosé. Here are a few highlights from our 2015 annual summer party:mtzhf

  • First and foremost, we arrived in style. Especially John on his Vespa.
  • Luxury floaties adorned the pool. Ice cream sandwich and pretzel. Need we say more?
  • Agency-partner-partner-yoga happened. It’s a thing. (Well, now it is).
  • Greggy won the Big Love Award. Everyone cried and it’s now officially official that Greggy is the most loved person in the office.
  • We found out firsthand that our levels of athleticism as a group are fairly limited to synchronized cannonballing and intense games of Spikeball.
  • A few of our big guys got Iced. The shame.
  • Henry was never seen without a bottle or two of rosé, because “a woman should never have to fill her own glass.” We will (and did) drink to that, Henry.
  • There were plenty of beer showers. There really is no good explanation for this one.
  • Not pictured: our personal chef, massage parlor, backyard hammock and front yard treehouse.

In all seriousness, this is a day we look forward to every year. Check out the full photo album on Facebook.