Administrative Assistant

Abby joins the MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER team as an Administrative Assistant. After graduating from the University of Southern Indiana in her hometown with a degree in Early Childhood Education, she went from teaching to advertising and from Indiana to California. As a proud Hoosier, “She grew up tall and she grew up right with them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights.”

Abby is currently learning the ropes of production. From all the glitz and glamour of the shoots to the endless hours it takes. She is excited to work with our ever-so-talented team of producers.

When Abby is finished with her endless lists of admin duties at work, you will more than likely find her somewhere high in the mountains or biking around SF. She enjoys camping, hiking, music festivals, rock climbing, wine, and pizza. She is still on the hunt for San Francisco’s best pizza, so if you see her biking around the city, shout your recommendations!