Adam Arber

Associate Creative Director

Adam was raised by badgers just outside Halifax, England.

After narrowly escaping the clutches of his evil doctor, serial killer Harold Shipman, he travelled down the M6 to London. Here, he worked at some of the nation’s favorite ad firms, including BBH, St. Luke’s, and CHI, where he lined his antique Edwardian tea chest with a cluster of shiny trophies.

But his creative juices weren’t sated. So, inspired by Harold Shipman (see above), who taught him that death could be beautiful, he created a range of toys called Roadkill Toys. With these he achieved worldwide renown, and broke the Internet.


Next, after creating a satirical commemorative mug for the Royal Wedding of Kate
Middleton and, er, Prince Harry (whoops), he was banished from England by a livid
Prince Philip.

He sought asylum in America in the shadow of Trump’s Tower at FCB Chicago, where he produced award-winning work for Kmart. Now, Adam is at MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER.
Surrounded by friendly faces and muscular minds, and treated to a smorgasbord of brilliant creative opportunities, Adam feels like he’s finally come home. (Even though he’s 8,000 miles away.)