Social Media Strategist

Chin Lu is a 1.5 generation immigrant from Taiwan who grew up aspiring to be a novelist, forcing friends to listen to her stories about cute forest animals and writing very silly poems and dramatic essays. One day her grandma mused that, unlike other children, Chin watched commercials with the same intense interest as she would with television programming—This eventually helped her realize she wanted to go into marketing.

Chin majored in Mass Communications at UC Berkeley, and she started her career by becoming the head of marketing for the school’s online student television station, followed by various digital media internships.

Before joining MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER, Chin was an integrated media strategist at Mekanism where she did digital influencer marketing and social media strategy and content creation for clients such as Pepsi, eBay, Brisk, Crocs, Samsung, Method, and Muscle Milk. And after a short stint at the boutique Neighbor Agency working on social media for Tillamook and California Pizza Kitchen, she went in-house for a luxury beauty brand previously and has now returned to the agency side once again to work on Audi at MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER.

A proud Mission resident for many years, Chin loves to try different dance classes and new restaurants. She also writes personal essays and humorous pieces on the side, so her dreams of being a writer aren’t that far off. You can peep more of her oversharing at @ChinHuaLu across almost all social media platforms.