Project Manager

Cristina joins MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER as a project manager on the Netflix and SoFi accounts. She spent the last eight years trafficking, project managing, producing, and creative resourcing at Swirl. The ultimate California girl, Cristina grew up in the Bay Area and later ventured down south, where she attended college at San Diego State University.

After graduation, she realized being a beach bum probably wouldn’t make the greatest career, so she moved back to San Francisco and sought out a job in advertising.

When she’s not busy cheering on the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco Giants (such a sports fanatic that her friends have dubbed her “Tony” as her “bro” name), Cristina spends her time taking as many trips to Wine Country as possible, eating all the cheese and putting her project management skills to work by being her friends’ personal party planner.