Art Director

Avid car enthusiast, sporadic skydiver, loving father of eight. Ok, the last one isn’t true.

Gideon Gillard was born in Toronto, Canada long before it was cool. After just two months of Canadian life, he was relocated to Santa Barbara, California where he learned what sunshine was but never forgot how to be awkwardly polite.

After graduating high school and working a little bit at Road & Track Magazine, it was time for art school in San Francisco. Three years and countless harsh critiques later, Gideon left art school with a degree in advertising and a little bit of his soul left. He took his newfound skills to Weber Shandwick, working in design, photo, and video for Delphi, Chocolate Milk, and Motorola, among others.

Realizing that the life of PR wasn’t quite for him, Gideon was thrilled to join MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER as an Art Director on the Audi account, allowing him to pursue his passion for all things automotive.