Community Manager

Italian-born and North Carolina-raised, Jessica left a life of barbecue, sweet tea, and Southern Hospitality in exchange for sky-rocketing rent prices and amazing tacos in the Bay Area. (The latter more than makes up for the former.)

Before joining MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER as Community Manager for Audi, Jessica first delved into the automotive world working in digital marketing for automotive dealerships. She then discovered a love for Community Management while working at Ignite Social Media, fostering communities, creating content, and influencing digital strategy for brands like Dodge, Samsung, and a variety of consumer-packaged goods.

Her obsessions include her two cats, Sophie and Scout, Harry Potter, and television shows about jail. She also firmly believes that Taylor Swift has written the soundtrack of her life and can’t think of anything that fried chicken and whiskey can’t cure.