Joy Mao

Account Supervisor

Joy was born and raised in Shanghai, where she attended an international school and learned just how small the world actually is. At 18, Joy heard that the University of Chicago was THE place nerds went to read books together, and flew halfway across the earth to join her people. She graduated four years later with a degree in Fundamentals (classic philosophy and literature) and Visual Arts, specializing in Plato and oil painting.

Joy’s interests in art and culture led her to various experiences in technology, fashion design, and marketing consulting, but after searching far and wide… she found that advertising was the perfect place to combine her love for the arts with her talents for leadership and strategic problem-solving.

Joy moved out to the west coast in 2014 and got her start working on Capital One and Google at Camp+King. She learned how to think strategically about both brand development and account management, in addition to important life lessons like “do not microwave fish in public places.”

Outside of the office, you can likely find Joy sewing up a storm in her apartment, sketching, doing yoga, or lovingly pruning her 13-year old juniper bonsai tree. She loves a good bourbon and her greatest weakness is Easy Mac.