Krystha Dart

Associate Social Strategy Director

As a kid, @krystha_tweets used to get in trouble during English class for socializing with classmates. Now she gets paid to socialize on all things. Clearly, grade-school English teachers in 1994 couldn’t fathom a future filled with OMGs, LOLs and hashtags in everyday language.

Born and raised in the usual Texas style, Krystha has a borderline questionable love of breakfast tacos and will often salivate at the utterance of queso. She started out in the ad industry as a copywriter at Y&R on brands like Round Table Pizza, Chevron, and 7-UP, and was consistently presenting ideas rooted in technology, building relationships with consumers via social media. Something was there.

Krystha had social media on the brain and went to Live Nation where she created social media strategy around band merch and fan clubs for artists like Madonna, The Beatles, and KISS. She got doused in glitter at a Ke$ha show in the name of research and also thinks it’s highly plausible that the Jonas Brothers swag she amassed while at Live Nation will sell well on eBay in 20 years.

At MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER, Krystha has helped clients like Netflix, Audi, and AAA with all things social. From high-level strategy to daily community management.