Michaela Fletcher

Associate Media Director

Michaela is a full-fledged Northern Californian. She was born and raised in the East Bay, graduated from UC Davis, and has spent most of her time since in or around San Francisco.

Michaela began her advertising career trying out multiple agency roles, and ultimately decided that media was where her passion and strengths intersected. Since then, she has worked at some of San Francisco’s most notable agencies, including Swirl, BSSP, and, Digitas. She even threw a few start-ups into the mix to make her work experience truly and stereotypically “San Franciscan”.

Throughout her media career Michaela has sold cars, peddled tacos, and promoted brands through integrated media campaigns for clients like MINI Cooper, Taco Bell, Rebecca Taylor, and more. Michaela joins MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER as Associate Media Director, as well as Matt Hofherr’s daughter’s “Person of Interest” (beating out the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Michelle Obama for the title).

Michaela currently lives in San Francisco with her Hawaiian husband, Garrett. Despite living in California her entire life, Michaela loves to travel and immerse herself in new experiences and cultures – she even traveled abroad for a year and became yoga teacher certified while in India. When not working, traveling, or practicing yoga, Michaela enjoys being outdoors, trying new restaurants, and spending time with her large family, most of which still live in the East Bay.