Group Account Director

Noel’s Capricorn determination and six-foot stature (sans heels) might be intimidating were it not for her genuine personality and Southern charm.

Although she honed her laid-back demeanor during formative years in Northern California, Noel spent most of her early career on the East Coast.

There she served on the client and agency side and helped brands like Taylor Made Golf connect with future fans, financial institutions discover their personalities, and orchestrated social strategies for a spectrum from scrappy start-ups to Fortune 500s – all the while starting her own artisanal food company and shaping Release The Hounds, a thriving brand experience agency in Richmond, Virginia.

Fortunately for us she returned to her roots in San Francisco. And after spending some time sharpening her consulting skills at a leading UX firm and partnering with disrupter brands like Airbnb to envision new service experiences, she knocked on our door.

Now at MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER, she’s fitting right in – even if we have to look up.
Clients love her because she’s focused, fun to work with, creative and is always thinking about how to grow their business.

We love her because in addition to her business acumen, down under that Capricorn demeanor lays a disco-loving dancing queen.