Rachel Gold

Director of Brand Strategy

Rachel has lived in the Bay Area for what feels like forever – in a good way. With over ten years under her belt, she knows she’ll never lose enchantment with its bridges, music, and funky neighborhoods. However, she is originally from San Diego and would rather you leave the rice out of her burrito, thank you very much. She also has a real soft spot for the East Coast, having spent 9 years in Boston.

She loves working with brands from a strategic perspective as it tickles both her analytical and creative funny bones. She believes brands are, at their essence, great stories, and she’s helped many companies tell better ones in industries like technology, non-profit, and booze.

Previously, Rachel honed her digital and strategic skills in technology leadership roles at firms around the Bay Area, including Adobe. She also played Wall Street for five years, slinging equities on an institutional sales and trading floor. As an undergrad, Rachel studied studying Art and English at Harvard, and she holds an MBA in Design Strategy from the California College of the Arts.

At MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER, Rachel is part anthropologist, part business consultant, part communications planner, part new business insights creator, and part trend watcher. She helps make sure all the genius creative has a strong strategic backing.

She’d love to meet you and talk brands or cheese or art, preferably over a glass of wine.