Report: Ad Fraud 2017 – Buyers and Sellers Fall Prey to More Sophisticated Forms

Ad Fraud: one of the hottest industry topics over the last few years.

eMarketer recently published a full report on the subject. The headline of the report is buyers and sellers now have to worry about more advanced forms of fraud siphoning away digital display ad dollars.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Knowing what’s what: It’s difficult to know just how much money US advertisers and publishers lose to ad fraud annually, but estimates based on select samples of impressions would suggest fraud is a multibillion-dollar problem worldwide.
  • Keeping up: As industry fraud detection and prevention tools have advanced, so too have the lengths to which fraudulent parties go to deceive buyers.
  • Impact varies: US advertisers see varying levels of fraud depending on where they buy their media. Advertisers typically see higher instances of ad fraud in higher-value areas, such as mobile and video, and in less transparent programmatic arenas, such as the open markets.

Key Stat: Issues of media quality, including ad fraud, remain top of mind for US digital marketers, according to a February 2017 survey by Adobe Digital Insights.

Get the full report here.