U.S. Time Spent with Media Report

eMarketer released a new U.S. Time Spent with Media Report.

The report estimates that US adults will average 12 hours 7 minutes of media usage per day in 2017, up 3 minutes from 2016. Time spent with mobile will account for nearly all of the increase.

A few key points of the report:

  • Multitasking: time spent with media surged in tandem with adoption of mobile devices
  • Digital Rising: usage will reach 5 hours 50 minutes per day in 2017. The figure is still rising, though decreases in desktop/laptop time partly offset gains in mobile.
  • Ad Dollars Following: After lagging greatly in earlier years, digital’s share of ad spending is now much closer to its share of adults’ time spent—an estimated 42.4% vs. 49.6% this year.

Key stat: Nondigital TV remains the biggest single element of US adults’ daily media usage. On the digital side, mobile usage is steadily displacing desktop/laptop usage, though mobile growth itself is slowing.

Download the full report here.