A Leading, Highly Awarded San Francisco Ad Agency

MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER is a San Francisco advertising agency that is proudly part of the VCCP partnership. We are creatively driven, strategically inspired, and full-service.

Firmly believing that creativity is still any brand’s greatest multiplier, we tell our people and our clients the same thing: Get Chased.
As part of London-based agency VCCP, we form a challenger network for challenger brands. With over 1000 talented people covering the four corners of the world our challenger mindset helps brands get chased.
Get chased.
In an innovate-or-die marketplace where brands rise and fall in trending conversations, we create advertising in all its forms that helps brands get chased.
Ad Age A List Creativity Innovator Standout
Ad Age
  • Gold Pencil, The One Show
  • Silver Pencil, The One Show
  • Cannes Lion
  • Digital Champions, SXSW
  • Best in Show, Andy Awards
  • Creative Innovator Standout, Ad Age
  • Clio Award, CLIO
  • Gold Cube, Art Directors Club
  • Best in Book, Creative Review
  • Digital Innovations, The Guardian
This makes me laugh so hard my face hurts.
Ashton Kutcher

We have rules

  • 1 First, do no harm.
  • 2 If everyone gets out of the box, get back in.
  • 3 Make the world 0.000001 percent more beautiful with everything you do.
  • 4 Weird works when you do it right.
  • 5 Great creative and great strategy are inseparable. We have a distrust of companies that believe you can have one without the other. Weak creative is bad strategy. Weak strategy is bad creative. Sorry for ranting.
  • 6 You have a brand, like it or not. Even if it’s the nondescript guy in the corner.
  • 7 Brands can change very quickly. Incrementalism is for fraidy-cats.
  • 8 It’s a visual culture. It really is. :-)
  • 9 All those great decisions you make along the way are felt by people who don’t notice them. That’s OK.
  • 10 This rule subject to change.
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MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER is a full-service advertising agency based in San Francisco with broad capabilities. We believe creativity is any brand’s greatest multiplier, so no matter what service we offer, it’s to deliver exceptional work on behalf of our clients.


Brand Positioning
Media Planning and Buying
Communications Planning
Customer Journey Mapping
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Digital & Social Strategy
Measurement and Reporting
Testing and Optimization


Brand identity
Experience design
Design language systems
In-Store environments
Site design


Campaign development
Content strategy
Performance marketing
Social and influencer marketing
Community management


Rapid content production
Interactive production
Long form, episodic content
Site Development


Brand engagement at its finest.