We are storytellers
for the new economy.

M/H is a collection of diverse storytellers that bring perspective
and courage together to create big ideas worthy of people’s attention.

It’s hard to lead when you are going
the same direction as everyone else.

In the new economy, cultural currency is the ultimate capital, breaking conventions is more effective than breaking budgets, and creativity is your brand’s greatest multiplier. To get ahead we challenge our people and our clients to do the same thing: Get Chased.
...agencies that punch above their weight.
  • Gold Pencil, The One Show
  • Silver Pencil, The One Show
  • Cannes Lion
  • Digital Champions, SXSW
  • Best in Show, Andy Awards
  • Creative Innovator Standout, Ad Age
  • Clio Award, CLIO
  • Gold Cube, Art Directors Club
  • Best in Book, Creative Review
  • Digital Innovations, The Guardian
...extraordinary, strange, annoying, demented, surreal work of art.

We have rules

  • 1 First, do no harm.
  • 2 If everyone gets out of the box, get back in.
  • 3 Make the world 0.000001 percent more beautiful with everything you do.
  • 4 Weird works when you do it right.
  • 5 Great creative and great strategy are inseparable. We have a distrust of companies that believe you can have one without the other. Weak creative is bad strategy. Weak strategy is bad creative. Sorry for ranting.
  • 6 You have a brand, like it or not. Even if it’s the nondescript guy in the corner.
  • 7 Brands can change very quickly. Incrementalism is for fraidy-cats.
  • 8 It’s a visual culture. It really is. :-)
  • 9 All those great decisions you make along the way are felt by people who don’t notice them. That’s OK.
  • 10 This rule subject to change.
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