A Taste of Taste: Handwriting Edition

“Good taste is found only in the best agencies. If we could tell clients to look for one thing in an agency, it would be taste. It’s the one element that affects all the others.”  — John Matejczyk

We each have our own individual taste, but as an agency whose service is the delivery of taste and tasty creative work, where does our collective taste come from? Led by visual creatives, we create, remix, revamp and evolve our clients’ brands. Type, form, color, pattern, texture, shape, motion. Sometimes a particular color becomes THE COLOR, or a method of craft THE METHOD. We fear not our taste, so here’s a taste of our taste.

A Love Letter About Letters by Edward de Leon

Dear Reader,

This is a letter about my love for letters. How they can, when combined together in clever ways, form clever words that represent clever ideas. As atoms are to matter, they’re the smallest units used to write out bigger things like the universe, love, or something. Letters make up this sentence you’re reading right now. But have you ever thought about where they come from and what our relationship is like to them now?

About 32,000 years ago, a group of French cavemen got bored and decided to take crude materials and transform them into some of the most beautiful images in the world, in my opinion. Even though they seem like childish drawings at first, you can also consider them to be sophisticated symbols. Like food symbols or something. Maybe our ancestors were making a grocery list of things they were going to hunt that week. I see cows. Maybe this was the first steak campaign.


Then, of course, as time passes, things evolve – even the way we write.


Then machines are invented to help us replicate and reproduce our ideas to the masses, eventually leading up to what we do today.


Now here we are, visual artists and writers, almost living with each other. As I wish to be as talented as some of my penning peers, I’ve found myself stuck on the visual side of things. Personally, I use calligraphy, specifically English Roundhand, as a way to supplement my love for letters.


At the end of it all, on your computer screen, this letter will be delivered to you in some sort of font that probably started out by hand, and I don’t think we should ever forget that. I will always believe in the deep rooted connection between our thoughts and how we express them outwardly — whether through reciting, drawing, or handwriting them down. This is a brief behind how all of this connects and why we do what we do.

Before you go back to work to type, text, or send an emoji, remember that all of this originated 32,000 years ago when some cavemen decided to express the world around them, by hand, on some dirty wall in some deep, dark cave somewhere.

ancient cave painting in patagonia, Argentina.


Edward de Leon