A Taste of Taste: Textures Edition

“Good taste is found only in the best agencies. If we could tell clients to look for one thing in an agency, it would be taste. It’s the one element that affects all the others.”  — John Matejczyk

We each have our own individual taste, but as an agency whose service is the delivery of taste and tasty creative work, where does our collective taste come from? Led by visual creatives, we create, remix, revamp and evolve our clients’ brands. Type, form, color, pattern, texture, shape, motion. Sometimes a particular color becomes THE COLOR, or a method of craft THE METHOD. We fear not our taste, so here’s a taste of our taste.

The Feels by Brittany Tooker

I have only recently warmed up to the idea of using textures. For a long time it was high on my list of things designers constantly misused and overused. Traumatized by the era of Skeuomorphism, I had filed the “grunge technique” along with drop shadow and gradient under “yuck” in my brain.

Some things I love – a few examples of texture & illustration that I draw inspiration from:


Maybe it is the anarchist in me, but I see the growing trend toward texture as a rebellion from the recent reemergence of minimalistic flat design.

Texture as a design element can be used as a point or swelling force to help guide the viewer’s eye, or provide contrast to emphasize the importance of key elements. It also adds depth and tangibility to everything from vector illustrations to typography and animation. And when used correctly, the results can be striking.

Some more things I love – a few examples of texture & typography that I draw inspiration from:


I have been recently inspired by how flat vector elements can be brought to life with texture, particularly when texture is used in lieu of shadowing. I had the opportunity to experiment with this technique for our Netflix client. Here are a few social posts I made that play with different uses of texture.