AMC Launches Commercial-Free Upgrade via Comcast


As broadcast ratings for episodic TV fall, AMC is experimenting with a new upgrade for Comcast subscribers called AMC Premiere.

For $4.99-a-month, viewers will be about to watch AMC shows like “The Walking Dead” or “Better Call Saul” without any commercial interruption.

AMC Premiere will have other features to attract subscribers, including bonus scenes and interviews with casts and writers. It will not, however, have past seasons of many of AMC’s shows.

AMC’s president, Charlie Collier, thinks the new service will attract fans of the network’s biggest shows.

“This is not a stand-alone service,” he said, referring to the ever-growing range of products like HBO Now or its counterpart from Showtime. “This is an option, a choice or an upgrade to fans who love the product.”

Going through Comcast is a way for AMC to fight against cord-cutting and encourage cable subscribers to not defect to an ad-free online video service.

AMC parent company AMC Networks Inc. saw its revenue fall 6.2% in Q1 2017.