This Week In Social: Angry Android

Angry Android
by Melissa Santiago

There is no shortage of opinions or conspiracy theories when it comes to Trump’s presidential campaign, but the most compelling one is the Android/iOS theory. Let’s back up for just a minute and acknowledge the significant role Twitter has played in his campaign so far. 

At the heart of Trump’s campaign are his tweets, which the New York Times describe as, “unleashing and redefining its (Twitter’s) power as a tool of political promotion, distraction, score-settling and attack — and turning a 140-character task that other candidates farm out to young staff members into a centerpiece of his campaign.” 

Now about that Andriod/IPhone theory, most tweets have metadata, not unlike a photo, in which they can display the type of device they are sent from. Earlier this month, a visual effects artist, pointed out this observation, “Every non-hyperbolic tweet is from iPhone (his staff). Every hyperbolic tweet is from Android (from him).” 

From there, a data scientist, David Robinson, set out to analyze the validity of this theory. In case you’re short on time, the theory panned out and Robinson concluded on his blog: 


“My analysis, shown below, concludes that the Android and iPhone tweets are clearly from different people, posting during different times of day and using hashtags, links, and retweets in distinct ways. What’s more, we can see that the Android tweets are angrier and more negative, while the iPhone tweets tend to be benign announcements and pictures. Overall I’d agree with @tvaziri’s analysis: this lets us tell the difference between the campaign’s tweets (iPhone) and Trump’s own (Android).”

The next time you see a Trump tweet making it’s media rounds, feel free to play a fun guessing game of Android or iOS. You can check your answers by using TweetDeck, which shows which device or platform tweets were published from. Come late September when the debates get underway, this could get interesting.