Audi Creative Team Utilizes New Social Feature First Day


We sat down with Audi Creative team Cory Conrad and Gideon Gillard to ask about the details behind their use of a new Instagram feature the day it was released.

1. Which came first, the feature or the idea of the puzzle? 

We had been wanting to do a puzzle for a while and had a few ways to execute it, but none of them were very user-friendly. The morning of the bookmark feature launch, we both agreed that this was the perfect opportunity to bring the idea back. It’s not often that a major platform comes out with a sizeable update, so we knew that we would have to act quickly while people were still talking about it. 

2. What inspired the concept? 

We both stare at all of the major social platforms all day long, so inevitably we think about new ways to use them. In this case, we were working in a well-known Seattle-based coffee shop that rhymes with Gnarducks. We saw a lady playing a puzzle game on her iPad and just made an off-comment about somehow doing a puzzle on social media. The idea grew from there and we worked out the initial mechanics within a few minutes.

3. How much time after the feature was launched did the creative go live on the platform? 

Six or seven hours. We knew we wanted to launch it on the same day as the feature in order to ride on the coattails of the press.

4. How did fans respond? 

The fans responded really well. We had 3,200 solved puzzles sent to us within the first twelve hours. I (Gideon) knew the answer and solved it as quickly as I could from my personal account, and I still got 14th place. Story of my life. 

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