Bill Simmons Moving The Ringer from Medium to Vox

Bill Simmons and Vox announced the Ringer is getting a new home, Vox Media.

The Ringer launched on Ev Williams’ content platform Medium about 1.5 years ago. At the time Medium was hot and gaining traction as the hosting platform of choice for a number of digital publications.

The Ringer has grown in popularity since its launch and is now one of the top names in sports and culture content. In addition to the popular written and video content, the Ringer has some of the most popular podcasts in the sports category.

Medium, on the other hand, has experienced difficulty evolving beyond its early popularity. Earlier this year, Medium cut a large percentage of its staff and closed its New York and Washington D.C. offices. Medium has effectively abandoned the ad-supported model with Ev saying “it’s broken.”

Simmons will retain ownership of the Ringer but will split revenue with Vox.

This is a big win for Vox as it adds to its already strong portfolio of sites including Eater, SB Nation, The Verge and others.