Botmoji To The Rescue!



by Melissa Santiago

Have you ever replied to a text with an emoji and then just not received a response back? Emojis have different meanings to different people and while one means something to you and your friends, you could potentially be sending the wrong message to someone else. 

The one way to create a level playing field is if everyone at least has a baseline understanding of what emojis were created to convey. 

Here to save the day is Botmoji, a Twitter bot. Founder Jeremy Burge, who also founded Emojipeida, explains, “send her an emoji in a tweet, and you’ll get back the official Unicode character name + a bigger image of that emoji.” 

During this tumultuous political climate, take refuge in the fact there is indeed an official name for that emoji smiley face with two waving hands underneath and it’s, “Hugging Face.”