Getting Lucky With Lyft

We are pleased to partner with Lyft to pull off the largest Mode they’ve executed at this scale on a single day.
Users who opt-in to Lucky Mode will be picked up in a gold-wrapped car with a gold treasure chest waiting for them in the back seat. If they find the lucky key before the ride ends, they keep the treasure.
Lucky Mode is live for two days in 8 markets: SF, San Diego, Orange County, Phoenix, Chicago, Northern New Jersey, Boston, and Miami.
And did we forget to mention that we also partnered with the kings of St. Patty’s Day, THE Dropkick Murphys?
Read more about Lucky Mode: and take a look at the promo video we created below.



Audi Wins Three Graphis Awards

Good news for our friends at Audi! We worked with Audi and photographers Reuben Wu and RJ Muna to create stunning photos for Audi’s Instagram feed.

Not content with the same old automotive photography, we traveled everywhere — from the Ice Castles in New Hampshire to Transylvania to the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah — to create magazine-editorial worthy photographs for Instagram.

We’re delighted Audi’s trip to Transylvania won Gold and Silver in the Automotive category. The visit to the Mars Desert Research Station series (above) took home a Silver, also in the Automotive category.

Congrats to all!

John Matejczyk + The One Show

John Matejczyk, Gold Pencil winnerwill be on the film jury, judging work for The One Club Show Awards for Creativity in May.
He will also lead a session titled “Riding The Wave” at The One Club’s 2018 Creative Leaders Retreat in February. As clients move from AOR to projects, from big TV to stunts, social, and low-budget video, let’s talk about how this can be a great thing for agencies. It means more production, more chances to enjoy what we do, more opportunity to make beautiful things. More of what we’ve been asking for from clients: a chance to do more R&D.

Audi’s + M/H “Driver’s Test” Awarded Silver Clio

Audi has a decade-long partnership with Marvel which means Audi vehicles have taken part in epic on-screen action in Marvel films. Sony Pictures release of 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming presented a new and unique set of challenges for Audi and MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER. Primarily, how do we integrate the new 2018 A8 (still under media embargo at the time) with an underage superhero (the 15-year old Peter Parker)?

Our solution came from a cultural landmark that every American teenager experiences: the driver’s license test. This relatable, emotional, and universal moment was the perfect setting in which to introduce not only the A8 but our high school-aged hero as well. Starring Tom Holland (Peter Parker) and J.B. Smoove (the Instructor), the two and a half minute film “Driver’s Test” showed how the Intelligent Technology features of the new A8 helped Peter Parker receive a passing score on his driver’s test.

In the US promotional period, “Driver’s Test” videos garnered 120,852,495 views across US Social and Digital platforms and earned the greatest number of PR impressions (143,914,117) for any Audi partnership initiative in history. Now “Driver’s Test” can add a Silver Clio Winner to its impressive results.

We are delighted to share in the success of our efforts with great collaborative partners at Audi and our agency team who brought this to life.

Watch the video here.

Previously Owned By A Gay Man: The Musical




We had the opportunity to partner with to create a promo video that is just as outrageously flamboyant as the company’s name.

Following a request for a simple FAQ page, we decided to address frequently asked questions and describe the buying and selling process “in a much more fabulous way.” According to writer Martine Glickfeld, “we knew a musical was the way to go.” co-founder Michele Hofherr was immediately hooked on the idea. “We feel so fortunate to be collaborating with the great people of M/H. We repeatedly encounter many of the same questions surrounding the site, so we tasked them with finding a fun way to answer and direct those queries,” she said.

“We wanted to capture something as beautiful as the furniture they sell on the site,” said Greggy Adriano. Under the guidance of senior creatives Mike Gallucci and Stevan Chavez, Glickfeld and Adriano came up with the idea for the piece.

Since this is the first musical the agency has made, the team “felt unbelievably lucky,” said Senior Art Director Stevan Chavez,  to be paired with the director of photography, filmmaker Norman Bonney, who has directed music videos for Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Leann Rimes, and Kelly Clarkson.

The MH team collaborated with Brooklyn-based arranger, performer, and music director Nathan Koci to compose the song, as well as Grammy Award winner John Kilgore and acclaimed Broadway and Off-Broadway sound designer Daniel Fluger to record the final version.

The spot was shot on location at The Palace Theatre, home of The Speakeasy, located at a secret spot in San Francisco’s North Beach district. MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER also teamed up with production house Criminal’s new division Bandit, which focuses solely on edgy creative work, to bring the project to life.

Read more about the video on Creativity.

About Previously Owned by a Gay Man:

Previously Owned by a Gay Man is an online home furnishings marketplace for everyone. Meaning that you don’t have to be a gay man to buy and sell the finest of home decor, you just need to have good taste.

Visit for more information.




Gig Car Share Launches In Bay Area

Gig Car Share


Huge congratulations are in order for our partners and clients, Gig Car Share!

GIG is a new Bay Area car-share service that lets you drive the car one-way and then leave it in any parking spot you want (within Oakland and Berkeley.)

According to Fast Co, the service aims to fill a gap in local transit options, beginning in Oakland and Berkeley. Unlike other car-sharing services in the area, it’s designed to be one-way; you don’t have to return it in the same place you pick it up. Instead, through an agreement with local government, the cars can be parked in almost any parking space in both cities.

When you want a car, an app helps locate one nearby. You unlock the car with your phone or a RFID membership card, and then leave it wherever you’re going inside a designated “home zone”; when you want to head home, you pick up another car.

Read more about GIG on Fast Co, Oakland Tribune, or SF Chronicle.

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Straight Outta Compin’

by Greggy Adriano

Meetings are stressful. Internal creative reviews can be scary. And in the early stages of a new project or pitch, the initial check-ins can be daunting for creative teams. The first meeting sets the tone and creative vibe for the rest of the project.

In the last few hours before the first creative review, there’s a nervous energy that fills the air. To ease my own anxiety and to have a little fun, I replaced our usual team introduction slide —a slide that is easily forgotten—with us in a popular meme.


When it was our turn to present, our opening slide went up and the whole room erupted into laughter.We got a boost of confidence and added some levity to the presentation—and set the tone for an engaging meeting.

If you’d like to see more of these masterpieces, we’ll be posting a full series on Twitter.

Audi Creative Team Utilizes New Social Feature First Day


We sat down with Audi Creative team Cory Conrad and Gideon Gillard to ask about the details behind their use of a new Instagram feature the day it was released.

1. Which came first, the feature or the idea of the puzzle? 

We had been wanting to do a puzzle for a while and had a few ways to execute it, but none of them were very user-friendly. The morning of the bookmark feature launch, we both agreed that this was the perfect opportunity to bring the idea back. It’s not often that a major platform comes out with a sizeable update, so we knew that we would have to act quickly while people were still talking about it. 

2. What inspired the concept? 

We both stare at all of the major social platforms all day long, so inevitably we think about new ways to use them. In this case, we were working in a well-known Seattle-based coffee shop that rhymes with Gnarducks. We saw a lady playing a puzzle game on her iPad and just made an off-comment about somehow doing a puzzle on social media. The idea grew from there and we worked out the initial mechanics within a few minutes.

3. How much time after the feature was launched did the creative go live on the platform? 

Six or seven hours. We knew we wanted to launch it on the same day as the feature in order to ride on the coattails of the press.

4. How did fans respond? 

The fans responded really well. We had 3,200 solved puzzles sent to us within the first twelve hours. I (Gideon) knew the answer and solved it as quickly as I could from my personal account, and I still got 14th place. Story of my life. 

Want to learn more about the Audi Instagram puzzle? Check out Digiday and Creativity.

How To Make A Good Ad with OXO and MTZHF


By L V C A $

Step 1: Get a good client.

Go home and open up your kitchen drawer — the one with all the random tools in it. Gaze lovingly at your favorite peeler. Your beloved tongs. Your prized masher that mashes better than any other masher. Chances are they all have a chunky rubber handle with cryptic OXO somewhere on them.

Everyone loves the stuff but there’s a bit of a brand recondition issue. Is it pronounced Oh‑Ex-Oh? Hugs and Kisses? Is this just some kind of weird face-logo?

The answer is that it’s pronounced OX-oh. And the company makes over 1000 products to make your life a little better, in the case of their Pancake Turner (LINK) a whole lot better.

Step 2: Get a good idea.

For their very first foray into advertising, we figured we’d start at the beginning — OXO’s commitment to designing products that simply work better. If they can’t make it better they don’t make it. How do they make it better? Testing. On humans.

Turns out Tested On Humans is a pretty compelling statement.*

It cuts through the majority of trash out there but it’s also authentic to the brand. One of the most admirable qualities inherent in OXO is the thought and time put into each product’s development. So we embraced it.

Step 3: Get a good ad.

Having a good client buy a good idea will only get you so far (which is just a good idea written on a piece of paper). We needed someone to make our dreams a reality.

We partnered with our production buddies over at Bullitt and director Fred Goss to turn the camera on. But just to make sure we had a good shoot, we went to the Magic Castle in LA and dabbled in the dark arts…totally worth it. If you have the means, we highly recommend it.

Step 4: Get a good result.

People seem to like it…

*NOTE: We tried to sell “Tested On Children” and “Tested On The Elderly” but people who make more money than us decided that might be going too far. But we did try just in case you were wondering.

The Wi-Fi-Jack


If you’ve ever been to an auto show you’d know that the Wi-Fi is weak and in short supply. Together with Audi, we used this to our advantage at the New York International Auto Show by poking fun at BMW and proving that the A4 is vastly superior to the 328i.

Employing a team of technicians, we created 10 of the most powerful free networks at the show. One name at a time, we laid out how the A4 beats the BMW. From performance and handling to technology, each network name was a cheeky reminder of how good the new A4 is.

While BMW wasn’t a fan of the idea, the internet was. The story was shared more than 7000 times on Mashable, was featured on Adweek, Adage and SlashGear, and was named Creativity’s ‘pick of the day’. Your move BMW.