Comcast Buys Philadelphia Esports Team from Bloomberg

by Ben Shapiro

A year after Comcast entered the Esports space as a sponsor of the Electronic Sports League, the media giant announced their acquisition of the rights of the yet unnamed Philadelphia Esports team. The team will participate in the Overwatch league founded by Activision Blizzard Inc.

The purchase is just the latest in a growing list of non-endemic brands and organizations investing in the booming Esports industry.

NBA franchises Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat have both purchased stakes in Esports teams, and the NBA as a whole announced a partnership with Take Two Interactive to form a league centered around massively popular basketball game NBA 2K.

Last year, Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Credit Karma all became official sponsors of the E-League tournament for first-person shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

All this development shows eSports trending towards being one of the major professional sports leagues of tomorrow in the same way the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. dominate today.

More news concerning Esports acquisitions and sponsorships can be expected. The industry is expected to grow to over $1 billion in revenue by 2019.