Consumer Electronics Show 2017

A Strategy Director, a Creative Director, and a robot walk into a bar…

We sent some people to CES. We asked them to keep our social editorial team up-to-date and report back with any observations, breakthrough cultural insights, and exciting tech.

We know the real interesting stuff in tech and marketing happens behind closed doors, but here’s a clear, concise, and hopefully compelling recap from the floor, broken down by the most popular topics represented.

1. VR

Remember those 4D motion theaters at theme parks, boardwalks, and malls? Looks like they are about to be replaced with VR roller coasters. Or maybe this is 2017’s hottest experiential marketing tool. Either way, sit down, but no need to buckle up, you’re not actually going anywhere.

2. Robots



David & Joel like this robot. It seems cool. Not sure what it does.

CES had a lot of robots. You can read about some of them.


3. Self-Driving Cars

The Verge tells us that Nvidia is working with Audi to get self-driving cars on the market by 2020.




Audi was not alone as major manufacturers show off their autonomous driving tech. See real life photos from our boots-on-the-ground.