eMarketer’s Digital Video Advertising Best Practices

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eMarketer released 2017 Best Practices for Digital Video. Full report here.

Key Stat: Led by especially strong momentum in mobile video, US digital video ad spending will grow at double-digit rates every year through 2020, culminating a total of $17.95 billion at that time.

15 tips:

  1. Buy Audience First
  2. Refine Targeting
  3. Refine Metrics
  4. Use Third-Party Verification
  5. Stop Making Digital Ads from TV Scraps
  6. Tailor Ad Formats to Platforms, Devices, and Content
  7. Keep Video Ads Short, and Brand Early and Often
  8. Personalize It
  9. Convey Authenticity
  10. Pick the Right Time and Place to Go Live
  11. Tread Carefully with Messaging Apps
  12. Use Video to Drive Performance
  13. Get Smart About Fighting Fraud
  14. Fight Ad Blocking with Good Ad Experiences
  15. If It’s Too Good to Be True …

Get the full report here.