Facebook Finds More Miscalculated Metrics


Facebook uncovered a few more errors in its metrics recently. This time, the miscalculations are related to how Facebook users interact with content from marketers and publishers. 

Along with the announcement, Facebook unveiled plans to have an independent review of some of its measurements in an effort to get ahead of the unease and frustration from marketers and publishers.

Facebook said that a comprehensive internal metrics audit found that discrepancies, or “bugs,” led to the undercounting or overcounting of four measurements, including the weekly and monthly reach of marketers’ posts, the number of full video views and time spent with publishers’ Instant Articles.

In September it was uncovered Facebook was overestimating average viewing time for video ads…for two years.

If there is more of this, it could mean big problems for Facebook. Investors are watching but they don’t see advertisers leaving the platform in droves. Facebook currently more than 3 million advertisers and publishers on the platform.

Facebook says 3rd party measurement is coming but we’ll see what that actually means.

On a positive note, Mark Zuckerberg sold another $95 million in FB stock in a step toward his goal of donating 99% of his Facebook stake to improve the world within his lifetime.