Facebook Launches Carmel, a VR Web Browser


Last week at their Oculus Connect Conference, Facebook announced a new virtual reality web browser called Carmel. It allows users to browse the web inside their VR headset, and instantly play WebVR experiences.

The applications of how marketers and developers will use Carmel are potentially vast.

Within the announcement, they demoed a configurator for Renault. They are also hoping brands will develop VR experiences such as a virtual aisle, allowing consumers to shop virtually from the comfort of their headset. Consumers will be able to do so without downloading a separate VR experience.

Facebook is also building out a virtual social hangout experience where people can hang out with up to 8 people’s avatars. Is this the rebirth of Second Life?

The Carmel developer preview will become available soon and will run on any Oculus device.

Facebook bought Oculus in 2014 for $2 billion, calling it the platform of the future. The Rift headsets went on sale this year for $600