Fail Chips (Not A Mail Chimp Marketing Campaign)

In social media marketing content, influential, well-known faces and user generated content are quite popular. Walker’s Crisps, a British potato chip company, launched the “Walkers Wave” campaign asked social media users to respond to a tweet from the official Walkers Crisps Twitter account with a selfie, using the hashtag #WalkersWave, for the chance to win tickets to a European soccer championship game according to BBC. The user’s picture would then be incorporated into a personalized video, featuring a retired football star and retired soccer star, Gary Lineker, automatically tweeted and captioned by Walkers.

They got some very recognizable faces, but sadly not faces any brand would want to be associated with their product—including one of Joseph Stalin. Some “pranksters” thought it would be funny to submit photos of notorious British criminals and thanks to the videos being fully automated, the posted Twitter content featured headshots of notorious criminals.

The campaign went so poorly that the company had to post an apology and pull all traces of it from Twitter. Read some of the best Twitter reactions on Adweek.