Fake Flex Watchdog


by Melissa Santiago

Fact-checking is all the rage these days. Journalists fact-checking politicians, political teams fact-checking their opponents, real-time debate fact-checking—the list goes on. There’s a new fact checker of sorts on the scene, one who uses social media to keep tabs on what makes some high profile rappers & athletes tick: luxury watches. 

This anonymous person is a self-proclaimed watch enthusiast and internet sleuth. His passion for luxury watches and knowledge of their details will certainly stand the test of time. He recently started calling out famous people from Carmelo Anthony to Rick Ross for sporting fake watches on his popular Instagram account, Fakewatchbusta.

“I’m not a watchmaker, I’m just a detail freak and It’s part of my obsession with watches, it’s a million details on a space of 4cm.” With nearly 350k followers on Instagram, time is on his side, at least until he gets sued.