First Overtime in Super Bowl History



Super Bowl 51 was a night full of records and firsts.

The game marked the most appearances of a player and coach (Brady & Belichick @ 7), the most wins by a starting QB (Brady @ 5), the largest deficit overcome in a Super Bowl (Patriots down 25 pts) and the first Super Bowl to go into overtime. (Plus a number of other records).

Fox and a few smart brands had planned for this very unlikely overtime scenario through the selling of option spots.

“We always have overtime agreements in place, and did so this year,” Fox Networks Group Exec VP-Ad Sales Bruce Lefkowitz told Advertising Age a few hours after the game had wrapped. 

There were only 4 bonus ad positions and the winning brands were Hulu, Sprint, Proactiv and SoFi.

According to Nielsen preliminary metered market data, the four OT spots aired as 74% of all TVs in use were tuned to Fox. Big numbers.

Despite all the excitement and records setting in the game, ratings did not break records. Sunday’s game drew 111.3 million viewers on Fox, high enough to tie it for fourth place among the most-viewed programs in TV history but down slightly from last year’s total of 111.9 million viewers.