Giphy Has 150MM Daily Users

People love GIFs. And Giphy, the four-year-old company acting as the internet’s GIF headquarters, is here to make sure the GIF love keeps spreading.

People apparently love GIFs so much that Giphy now has 150 million daily visitors. For context, Snapchat recently reported 166 million daily users. Not bad for a company that started as a side project for founder Alex Chung.

Giphy visitors can search for GIFs or created their own in seconds via a YouTube link or uploading a video. If you’ve noticed the GIFs in Sunnier Side of the Office, they come from Giphy.

The company has raised $150 million in funding and is currently valued at $600 million. Revenue driving efforts are in the early stages and the business model is still in flux, but there is a huge untapped opportunity for brands to uniquely play into Giphy’s immense popularity. The site has recently begun testing hubs like this Star Wars feature.

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