“Grammasters” Hit the Road for Netflix

Most brands are using Instagram wrong. They put ad-like things on the platform and no one pays attention.

Netflix and MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER set out to create Instagram content that users actually want to see; content born from artistic photography.

Our idea: take photos of iconic TV and film locations from across the continent.


First, we needed help. We posted a notice:

“Wanted: “Grammaster” to travel the continent and post for Netflix.” We culled through 70,000+ Instagram applications and selected three Grammasters. We created a cross-country itinerary and sent them on their way, but not without company. We also assembled a documentary crew to film the photographers’ journeys. And to see how fans react when they visit the locations of their favorite films.

NETFLIX FilmedHere Grammasters Arielle

NETFLIX FilmedHere Grammasters Friday Night Lights

NETFLIX FilmedHere Grammasters Gossip Girl

NETFLIX FilmedHere Grammasters Walking Dead