Heated Healthcare Debates + Chilis

by Melissa Santiago

Last week, Twitter user @subtlerbutler exploded in a Tweetstorm imploring his followers to ask real people questions instead of asking citizens of the internet. He advocates picking up the phone, emailing, or texting to get the information one might need. To really drive his point home, he tagged Chili’s on Twitter saying they might have the answer to any question. This obviously led to someone ask him what he would ask Chili’s.

After he asked a sincere question about how copays work at doctor’s offices, Chili’s proceeded to answer his question with heartfelt sincerity. They were even able to succinctly sum it up in 140 characters. This set off a chain reaction of other people tweeting Chili’s a range of questions ranging from golf advice to particle physics.

This reinforces that brands can be open and authentic with consumers and that replies don’t need to be robotic or snarky. It also reinforces that there really is no place else like Chili’s.