High Five for Five More

Julia, Greggy, Melissa, Zach, Taylor New Hires

Julia Ortinez-Hansen is automatically cool because she grew up in Yangon, Myanmar and Joburg, South Africa—and she can pull off saying Joburg. Before MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER she was at DDB Remedy just down the street. She lives in the city and like any not weird person, she loves chocolate. Julia will be working as an account manager on a little known streaming service called Netflix. Jambo Julia!
Greggy Adriano has been with us since the fall through The Art Institute’s internship program. We fell head over heels and snatched him up before he’d even graduated— and due to Stockholm Syndrome or not, Greggy eagerly accepted! (Note: he has since graduated so its legal, we’re all consenting advertisers now). Greggy is friendly, talented, upbeat, super hard-working, and he plays the ukulele. His laugh is electric and will immediately make you smile. He really loves notebooks.
Melissa Santiago is originally from Florida, with a brief stop in Los Angeles where she never learned to ‘play it cool’ when she met people like Spike Jonez at parties. A social media OG, she freely admits her typing skills were acquired from endless chat binges on AIM. She managed to wrangle all of her social media prowess into getting paid to represent brands online- much to her mother’s surprise, who still asks, “what is a twitter.” She is joining us as a Netflix Community Manager. Her favorite food is coffee.
Zach Johnson is a Florida native—no judgment—and is coming to us as a very recent grad from The Creative Circus in ATL. Zach will be working as a copywriter on Netflix. He claims his sweater game is on fleek so well be watching him closely. Also, he holds a record for taking down 36 oysters in one sitting so he’s definitely someone you want to be friends with. His goal is to beat 36–we will be sure to document that and update this post with the results so make your bets and check back.
Taylor Engel is coming to us from the true South, South Carolina, where he just graduated from College of Charleston. He is joining M/H as a financial manager. Taylor’s idea of a good time is taking a road trip in a van to explore the backcountry and before his life as a finance man began (so recently), he played drums and sang in a reggae band—so we can check those two boxes off on the stereotypical finance guy checklist…