How To Make A Good Ad with OXO and MTZHF


By L V C A $

Step 1: Get a good client.

Go home and open up your kitchen drawer — the one with all the random tools in it. Gaze lovingly at your favorite peeler. Your beloved tongs. Your prized masher that mashes better than any other masher. Chances are they all have a chunky rubber handle with cryptic OXO somewhere on them.

Everyone loves the stuff but there’s a bit of a brand recondition issue. Is it pronounced Oh‑Ex-Oh? Hugs and Kisses? Is this just some kind of weird face-logo?

The answer is that it’s pronounced OX-oh. And the company makes over 1000 products to make your life a little better, in the case of their Pancake Turner (LINK) a whole lot better.

Step 2: Get a good idea.

For their very first foray into advertising, we figured we’d start at the beginning — OXO’s commitment to designing products that simply work better. If they can’t make it better they don’t make it. How do they make it better? Testing. On humans.

Turns out Tested On Humans is a pretty compelling statement.*

It cuts through the majority of trash out there but it’s also authentic to the brand. One of the most admirable qualities inherent in OXO is the thought and time put into each product’s development. So we embraced it.

Step 3: Get a good ad.

Having a good client buy a good idea will only get you so far (which is just a good idea written on a piece of paper). We needed someone to make our dreams a reality.

We partnered with our production buddies over at Bullitt and director Fred Goss to turn the camera on. But just to make sure we had a good shoot, we went to the Magic Castle in LA and dabbled in the dark arts…totally worth it. If you have the means, we highly recommend it.

Step 4: Get a good result.

People seem to like it…

*NOTE: We tried to sell “Tested On Children” and “Tested On The Elderly” but people who make more money than us decided that might be going too far. But we did try just in case you were wondering.