If The Shoe Fits

By Alex Dacks

Nobody likes to be the n00b. That’s what I thought. Until I started the new year as an assistant account manager at M/H.

Day one: Shiny new Macbook Air; a stack of business cards hot off the press to remind me how cool I am now that I work in a high rise in downtown SF; and to top things off, a seat at a communal desk next to my now partner in crime.

Week one: Learning the ropes while my team live-Tweets the ridiculous things that sometimes come out of my mouth. I had a very short-lived hashtag, which I would reference, but we weren’t all that consistent. Either way it felt welcoming.

Month one: Repping my new work fam at agency Olympics. We wore reindeer antlers made of sticks and amateur deer makeup. But we won, of course. Follow that up with getting an invite from the “big boss” to grab coffee just to see how I’m liking things.

Liking things? No. Loving things at M/H? Yes.

What’s it like to be a new hire here? It’s never feeling like the new hire. At pretty much every other place I’ve worked in the last decade, it’s taken at least 6 months before I feel like a veteran. That’s normal. This is different.

It’s more than agency culture. It’s more than Wednesday morning breakfast burritos and a fully stocked fridge. It’s more than getting to work with awesome clients in your first agency experience. It’s more than knowing the name of every single person that works in your office. It’s being you and fitting in. Plain and simple.

It’s publicly voicing your obsession with professional marching band and receiving positive – even enthusiastic – response. It’s not being judged for wanting to bring your microwavable socks to meeting rooms because let’s face it: SF is cold to west coast natives. It’s your half of the desk being excited to try your quinoa cake recipe. So for anyone that likes being themselves, M/H is the place to be. If not, you could always be the “new guy.”

I will end with this song, though it probably has an alternate meaning I’m overlooking, but everyone loves The Eagles.