Intel Drone Serves Assists in NBA Dunk Contest


Intel drones. Is it just me or are they amazing athletes? I mean, they made a remarkable appearance during Super Bowl 51 and then they were assisting “10” scores in this weekend’s NBA All-Star Dunk Contest.

During Saturday’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon used Intel’s “AscTec Neo” drone to perform one of his dunks — the first ever to be completed with assistance from a drone. 

“There it is, the Intel drone!” TNT announcer Kevin Harlan said on the national live broadcast as an Intel logo appeared on screen. “Fresh off the Lady Gaga Super Bowl halftime performance.”

Apparently, Gordon approached Intel with the idea as noted in an Intel press release (Gordon’s mom has been an Intel employee for 35 years). Maybe he thought this would be the 2017 version of Dee Brown’s 1991 Reebok Pump dunk.

A bit heavy-handed with the integration but a great example of how brands can insert themselves in a meaningful way to league events.

Watch the dunk here.