John Oliver Buying Cable News Ads to Educate The President


In a recent segment on “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver addressed the president’s grasp on reality or lack thereof. “How did we get a pathological liar in the White House?” Oliver asks at the beginning of the segment.

In “Trump vs. Truth” Oliver illustrates how the president spreads a lot of false info. Why? Well, Trump gets a lot of his information from morning cable news like Fox News, Oliver and his team have concluded.

The team at “Last Week Tonight” is taking it upon itself to educate President Trump. How? Buying ads on morning cable news and thereby sneaking facts into Donald’s morning cable news routine.

They created a series of commercials with educating facts covering everything from the nuclear triad to female sexuality. The ads are narrated by “a folksy old white guy in a cowboy hat” to better the chances of the president paying attention.

Check out the full episode of “Trump vs. Truth” here.