Land O’Lakes Churns Up Butter Industry with New Analytics Platform


by Coltin Chapman

Fortune 200 company Land O’ Lakes recently solved an ongoing data management problem by integrating the analytics tool Datorama.

Being both vertically and horizontally integrated, Land O’Lakes was receiving 150+ reports from countless partners on a weekly basis. Varying KPI’s made it incredibly difficult and time-consuming for their data analysis team, coined Land O’Data, to make optimizations.

To solve their ongoing data issue Land O’Lakes reached out to analytics platform provider Datorama to implement their successful data management tool into their company. Datorama gave Land O’Lakes the ability to collect and manage their data all in one place, cutting out the hassle of countless reports and varying KPI’s.

Datorama is a data agitator tool, allowing business to practice Gartner’s idea of data analysis by collecting, unifying, organizing, and taking action all in one place. It allows analysts the opportunity to automate data organization and focus on what really matters, optimizations, and KPI tracking.

At M/H, we currently practice Gartner’s idea of data analysis. By integrating a data analysis tool similar to Datorama, we are able to accelerate our analytics process. An analytics platform allows us to automate data retrieval, track campaign statistics in real-time, and deliver dashboard visualization to teams and clients. This gives us time to focus on optimizing campaigns and meeting client KPIs.