Massive Time Warner + AT&T Deal Announced


Time Warner announced plans to sell to AT&T for $85 billion over the weekend. If approved by regulators, the deal could reshape the media and telecommunications landscape dramatically.

Time Warner has a huge portfolio. Within it sits HBO, Turner Broadcasting System, Bleacher Report, The CW Television Network, Warner Bros., CNN, DC Comics, and a piece of Hulu. Yearly revenue is just shy of $30 billion.

AT&T is even bigger with revenues close to $150 billion/year and ranking as the 23rd largest company in the world

Getting past regulation will be a big hurdle. Washington is not a fan of mega-deals like this. They are going to evaluate from the consumer POV and actually blocked a similar Comcast + Time Warner deal in 2014. So if AT&T is going to succeed, it will need to prove that they won’t make it harder for non-AT&T users to get Game of ThronesNBA on TNT or other TWC programming.