May Brings Another Five

By Wells Wallace

MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER New Hires May 2015

Gideon Gillard is coming to us from Weber Shandwick, but the world of PR was not exactly the creative juggernaut he was looking for, so he made the move to advertising. Gideon is joining us as an art director on Audi. Hiring Gideon was a win-win: M/H hired Gideon (win 1) and Gideon was pumped because he happens to be the definition of a car nerd (win 2). High fives all around!

Chin Lu is coming to us from Tatcha, a Japanese skincare company. Her previous experience in advertising includes a brief stint at Neighborhood Agency and three years at Mekanism. Chin is a social media strategist for Audi. Around the office, Chin is famous for her extracurricular activities— boxing classes for 2 years, hip hop dance for 8, yoga for 12 to name a few. A couple of other fun facts about Chin: she is a cat lady who has never owned any cats, and she claims to own over 50 pairs of shoes so here’s to hoping we’re the same size.

Tiger Wang is a recent transplant from NYC where he worked at sharable content mecca Buzzfeed. He is joining the M/H team as an art director on Audi. He is talented and an instant favorite in the office. Some fun facts about Tiger: his name is Tiger; his goal in life is to become a Pokemon monster; he makes things that get shared on the internet. Welcome to the family Tiger.

Veronika Luquin Campbell is joining the account team as an account supervisor on AAA and Audi. She is a California native and is coming to us from Swirl down the road. She has over 7 years of car experience, which is cool because she is a huge car enthusiast. Fun facts about Veronika: she loves art, film, and air plants—the standard threesome.

Joy Mao is coming to M/H from Camp+King and is joining our account team as Assistant Account Manager working on AAA. Joy listed hosting dinner parties and microwavable mac&cheese as two of her hobbies so we know she’s fun. She is a triple threat artist—skills include drawing, painting, and fashion design. But threatening is the last word you’d use to describe her. Ever since her first day, Joy has been outgoing, friendly, and a super positive addition to the MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER team. Joyous welcome #shameless.

Huge welcome to all five!