Media: Breaking the Neural Pathway

By Nadia Last

“We have to break the neural pathway people traditionally have with the word, ‘media,’” John Matejczyk stated emphatically to a group of creatives and media/account people huddled tightly in his office for a brainstorm two weeks ago.

This is true. Traditional media, an industry filled with high-level executives making plans for creatives to work around, is dead. Gone are the days of straightforward A to B media plans across 3-4 channels. Today, there is no formulaic avenue to achieve advertising success. In order to break through an increasingly cluttered and fragmented media landscape, media and creative need to work harder to craft platform-tailored messages for a brand’s voice to be heard.

That is the philosophy of MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER’s recently founded Media Department, established~5 months ago by Eric Perko. Being employee #3 of the rapidly growing team, I’m excited by how different media looks here than anywhere else. As a company comprised of “Professionals in the Industry Formerly Known as Advertising,” M/H bucks the traditional workflow of an ad agency in every sense of the word, media included. M/H is the most contagious workspace I have ever been a part of, with one long table in a modern workspace constantly abuzz with inventiveness. I sit literally side-by-side with the Art Directors/Copywriters concepting ideas for brand campaigns we execute through paid media. The way disciplines were previously siloed in advertising has become a thing of the past. With multiple disciplines working in tandem, we’re able to bounce ideas off one another and scale executions that would have fallen flat if developed separately.

Media Team

The fact is, you can have an incredibly compelling creative idea, but without the proper media legs, it won’t go anywhere. Conversely, you can have a strategically sound media plan running on the most up-and-coming apps, but a brand will only waste dollars if the creative messaging doesn’t make sense for that platform.

With the media ecosystem continuing to evolve at breakneck speed, winning people’s limited attention spans is only going to get harder. Brands and agencies have to start thinking of the media and creative processes as inseparable, otherwise brands risk propagating irrelevance.

So as we continue to grow our team, we encourage you to think differently about “media.” Through our different approach, we plan to reverse the traditional thinking of what “media” is.