Memes Never Die

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by Melissa Santiago


Memes are arguably the hottest commodity on social right now. A big part of meme culture is not only being in the know but finding a like-minded group of people who understand the meme. Nothing kills a joke more than having to explain it, normie

We all want to use the dankest, hottest memes, but memes tend to have a short shelf life and you don’t want to end up with gudetama on your nose. Thanks to some redditors, namely Brandon Wink and Ron Vaisman, you can get a better idea of whether your meme has met its expiration date. They’ve created r/MemeEconomy also know as NASDANQ

To see how quickly the Meme market moves, last week’s internet sensation, Salt Bae, is no longer worth his weight in well, you know.