M/H on Media: Twitter launches promoted stickers, brands experiment with Instagram stories, and Gawker goes on the market


Twitter Launches Promoted Stickers

In June, Twitter announced emoji-like Stickers for users to add a visual element to their photos. Now Pepsi is the first brand to launch a sponsored Sticker effort marked “#SAYITWITHPEPSI”. The Pepsi Twitter effort will includes 50 custom-branded images but is part of the larger Pepsimoji campaign currently in-market in 10 countries including the US. Although Pepsi is the initial brand, Promoted #Stickers are available to all brands with a managed account. In a blog post from Twitter, “Brands can design four or eight stickers — like accessories and other props — for users to add to their own photos.



Media Cos, Brands & Influencers Early Adopters of Instagram Stories

When Instagram launched Stories, which CEO Kevin Systrom admitted was a direct copy, people weren’t sure whether or not Instagram could successfully convince users it was a benefit to the platform. And while the jury is certainly still out, Brands, Media Companies and Influencers have been flocking to the new service.

There are clear benefits for this cohort of accounts, some of whom were publishers chosen to create content for Snapchat Discover when it launched last year. CNN, Food Network, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan and Tastemade have quickly taken to Stories in its first couple weeks. And teen-focused AwesomenessTV has even run it’s first ad through the new platform.

It comes down to reach and flexibility. Brands, Media Cos and Influencers with an existing large following on Instagram have seen their Stories reach hundreds of thousands of users so far. While not directly comparable, Snapchat has 150 million daily active users while Instagram is 2x at 300 million. There are just a lot more people there and anyone who follows will see the Story fixed at the top of the page.

On flexibility front, Snapchat Discover is limited to a group of approved publishers who have to schedule and professionally produce content for the platform. On Instagram, there is more freedom and less pressure as users cannot like or comment.

“What we like so far is that Instagram Stories gives us the ability to showcase content that might not have made it into our highly curated feed before,” said Amy Odell, editor of Cosmopolitan.com. For example, she said, “instead of just one perfectly edited image of an ice cream sundae, we posted several Stories from a recent ice cream social held at Cosmopolitan.com headquarters.”

It’s all about DAUs and MAUs. So while some of do think Insta Stories takes away some of the uniqueness of the platform, the social giants are going to continue fighting for attention.


Gawker Media to be Auctioned Off

The impact of Hulk Hogan & Peter Thiel’s $140 million judgement against Gawker Media is becoming reality for Nick Denton. Gawker doesn’t have that much cash so the media company is to be auctioned off in the next day or so.

Thiel & Hogan don’t get Gawker Media as the company is leveraging a bankruptcy protection “Section 363” allowing Gawker to protect the “good” parts of the business in this circumstance. Gawker is appealing the ruling but assuming it is upheld Thiel & Hogan will get the sale proceeds minus the legal fees used in the case.

Ziff Davis has put a $90 million bid for the company, which they’ll be required to uphold should there not be any other bidders. It’s been reported that Vox, NY Magazine and Penske Media could also be interested in the company.